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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2015

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day… I suppose I don’t dislike it. But, I don’t like it either.  I’m sure some of you will agree that Valentine’s Day is a day filled with a lot of unnecessary pressure to “show” your significant other that he or she truly is the love of your life, the apple of your eye, the cream in your coffee (yes, I did just quote Roger Rabbit from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit , circa 1988).

Either way, the suckers that we are, my husband and I inevitably go out to dinner and exchange silly gifts.

If you feel like getting a last minute gift for your loved one, check out my ideas below.  February also happens to be the glorious month in which I was born unto this earth (AQUARIUS 4-EVA!), so this list is, more-or-less, things I would want. It’s my birthday – I do what I want!

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) all of these are vegan !   They’re also all American made!

1. Chocolates from LAGUSTAS LUSCIOUS Chocolates in New Paltz, New York.

Are these chocolates fair trade and organic , you ask? Yes!

Is the packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials, you wonder? Yes!

Do these glorious chocolatiers source their ingredients locally whenever possible? Why, Yes!

They’re a vegan chocolate lovers dream come true, I say!


LAGUSTAS hearts box 2015It does look like they’ve been busy little bees fulfilling Valentine’s Day orders, so you may not get these on time if you place today. But I’d be willing to bet that they’re worth the wait and your Valentine will thank you.

2. Keeping with the delicious sweets theme, how about some cupcakes from Erin Mckenna’s Bakery (formery BABYCAKES NYC)? She now ships nationally! Rejoice!

assorted cupcakes erin mckenna formerly babycakeIs your significant other not a fan of cupcakes? Divorce/breakup with him or her immediately. If that sounds too drastic you could just buy donuts, cakes, cookies, or brownies instead because she makes those, too.

3. Body oil, from EarthBody .


I received some of this delightfully scented and moisturizing body oil in my Petit Vour box a couple of months ago and it quickly became a favorite of mine. I will definitely be purchasing more once my sample has runneth out. These oils are available in five scents, although BLOOM is perhaps most relevant for Valentine’s Day as it is meant to “awaken feelings of loving kindness while conditioning skin.” Sounds fun.  Purchase from Petit Vour or directly from the Earthbody website.

4. R.L. Linden and Co  Hydrating Beautifying Mist

hydrating floral toner

This is one of those things that sounds lovely, but I would never bring myself to actually purchase… Seems a bit too extravagant. But, it would make a nice gift… Particularly for gals in cold climates…. I don’t know about you, but my skin is PARCHED from all the forced dry heat.  This mist is filled with all sorts of beautiful floral extracts including jasmine and rose.

5. Kiss stud, Winden

catbird kiss stud

How cute is this little guy?

It would look super cute in a second-hole, or buy two to make a pair.

6. Succulent Animal Planter Trio, Coastal Moss

It’s nice to receive flowers. But, it’s nicer to receive plant life that won’t die. It’s nicest to receive plant life that won’t die contained in little tiny ceramic animals. The elephant is obviously my favorite.

succulent animal planter trio

**Featured Image: LOVE BITES from KUDZU MONSTER . Printable Valentine’s Day cards via Etsy**



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